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              I am the Fifth Son of my father and have chosen that name as my working title for all efforts related to my Chinese Brush paintings.

After almost 50 years in the computer industry, I have concentrated my efforts in the creation of fine art. My original works in watercolors and pastels were to present the essence of the subject under study. The spiritual aspects of Chinese Brush and feeling of oneness with the process of painting landscapes or flowers and birds are a calming influence in my life and my other artistic endeavors.

Since we became "Snow Birds" the winter of ( 2015/2016 ) I Joined the Sumi Society of Sarasota FL. It is a slightly different approach to brush painting as work is mostly in just ink and water. The materials, tools and brush techniques are the same but with slight differences in the rules of composition.

One of my paintings from the 2009 Chinese Painting Guild's exhibition Spirit Of The East at the Bedford Library was featured in a local article about that show. It has also appeared on a Chinese web site that was linked to contemporary artists.

 I have also won awards from the Newton Art Association and was awarded Best Of Show at the 2022 Art In The Park show for my painting 100 Old Men. See photo below.






I continue my studies with the Sumi-e Society of Sarasota and the variety of workshops available in that area.

Since I also do my own mounting, matting and framing I can offer my artwork at modest rates.

All works are also available unframed and or unmatted. The process of mounting rice paper on a more substantial backing is almost an art in itself, taking 2 days or more for the work to set.


In adition to Chinese Brush and Sumi-E I also from time to time do some bone carving. 

I use marrow bone purchased from local grocery stores and meat markets. The bone is then prepared by boiling it for 3 hours, degreassing in the dishwasher, soaked in a pail of bleach in water and then stored to cure for a year before carving. Since the bone dust is toxic if inhaled I wear a respirator, full face mask and tyvec overalls. Using a dremel tool and jewelers saw the carvings are done out of doors to prevent contamination in my home.



Current Workshops



 Currently Scheduled Shows where I have a single painting

 Art In The Park  University Park Bradenton Florida

March 10 to 12 2023




Picture os of myself with 100 Old Men and the Best Of Show award from 2022 Art In The Park show at University Park in Bradenton Florida. There were 55 artists and more than 150 artworks on exhibit.